You can only be what you can see. If there is no point of contact with certain professions, no interest can be aroused, and this cannot be incorporated into later career choices. It is all the more important for girls and boys to be able to get a taste of professions before deciding on their further path after school.

For this reason, there is Girls & Boys Day: In 2023, it fell on April 27th! On this day, fifth-grade girls are supposed to explore professions in male-dominated areas, and boys are to do the same with professions in which mainly women work. We opened our doors to both genders and had four kids, Flo, Matteo, Marlene, and Mathilde, visit us.

Introduction into HTML, CSS and JavaScript
Introduction into HTML, CSS and JavaScript

The task: To inspire them about programming! We started the day with an office tour and free choice from the stocked fridge - We advised against beer for once, and coffee didn't go over well with the 12 to 13-year-olds either. Then there was a theoretical introduction to the field of IT, what programming is all about, and how to become a software developer. Of course, the rest of the tech team got to meet our junior IT enthusiasts and answer questions about their favorite dessert, the motivation behind programming, and the task they were currently working on.

Afterward, it was time to get down to business: There was an introduction to web development, in which the interested participants were able to get hands-on with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. After a brief introduction, everyone was allowed to program their own Snake game and customize a prepared template according to their own wishes.

Presentation of the results in front of the company

Conclusion: Computer science is fun, and working isn't that bad after all. All four found the day wonderful and want to continue working on their solutions. What do the games look like? Check them out here and play a round:

Warning: Retro flashback guaranteed! What is your favorite version of the game?

But how did the girls and boys like it?

Feedback by Marlene

"I found the day overall very, very, very good. I liked programming the most. My aunt's colleagues were nice. There was NOTHING I didn't like! I could imagine working there someday because it's very nice and great there." Guess that's a YES. Mission Accomplished.